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Structis is Minnesota’s leading waterproofing, insulation, floor underlayment, and finished flooring specialist.

Services for Waterproofing, Insulation, Underlayment, and Finished Floors

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Expert Minnesota Applicators

Structis has a team of expert applicators in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding areas in Minnesota to provide waterproofing, insulation, underlayment, and finished flooring services. With over 30 years of experience, we are experts at achieving fire and sound ratings, moisture mitigation, and meeting floor leveling criteria. As an authorized Maxxon applicator, we offer top of the line gypsum and self-leveling underlayments, Maxxon® Gyp-Crete®, Acousti-Mat® Sound Control Systems, moisture vapor barriers, and other specialty products. Plus, the entire line is GREENGUARD Gold Certified and may contribute toward LEED project certification points. Choose Structis for an expert, hard-working team that meets the needs of your project using high quality products and timely service.

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Use our expert Structis team for waterproofing, insulation, underlayment, finished floors, and so much more. With our team of professionals, you can finish every project faster and within budget.


Structis offers expert waterproofing services to prevent water damage to your new construction or existing building.


Choose between spray foam, fiberglass, or blown-in insulation, and let our professional Structis team insulate your building in record time.


Whether you need gypsum concrete, sound mats, or self-leveling poured underlayment for floor prep, Structis has it all.

Finished Floors

Structis adds the finishing touches to any flooring project with luxury vinyl flooring, carpet, and other soft flooring options.

Cellular Concrete

Structis specializes in cellular concrete applications including load-reducing backfills, soil stabilization, annual space grouting, retaining wall backfill, lightweight fills and much more.


Services Offered at Structis

Structis specializes in new construction and renovation services for residential, multifamily, and commercial projects. We provide a number of services from waterproofing, insulation, underlayment, and finished floor installation, for your new construction and renovation project needs.

New Construction

  • Gypsum cement-based underlayments with compression strengths up to 4500 psi
  • Maxxon Acousti-Mat® sound control systems for condos, apartments, houses, high rise office buildings, commercial buildings, etc.
  • Maxxon Gyp-Crete® radiant underlayment as the heat mass for heated floors
  • Laser-leveled floors
  • Increase the sound rating of any floor/ceiling assembly
  • Moisture mitigation systems
  • ASR Barrier Protection
  • Waterproofing
  • Specification assistance
  • Systems advisors for sound control, fire ratings, and specifications


  • Maxxon Commercial hydraulic cement-based self-leveling underlayments with compressive strengths up to 7000 psi
  • Smooth and level old wood floors
  • Encapsulating vinyl asbestos tile
  • Maxxon Acousti-Mat® sound control systems for open ceiling renovations
  • Topical sound mats
  • Laser-leveled floors
  • Resurfacing lightweight concrete, spalled concrete, rough unfinished concrete
  • Deep fill unleveled floors where weight load is a concern
  • Leveling over hollow core and precast concrete planks
  • Asbestos mitigation and contamination control
  • Moisture mitigation systems
  • ASR Barrier Protection
  • Adhesive removal
  • Cleaning and profiling of concrete

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